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Do you ever feel hangdog about leaving your dog at home alone?

Now you do not have to. Most dogs were bred for a specific job, but today, they are found all too regularly lounging about the house with nothing to do. Tedium and excess energy are the two most general causes of behavioral problems in dogs. These former stars of the outdoors have turned into couch potatoes, and the energy designed to protect, hunt or herd is now directed at the sofa, curtains or the shoe rack.

Doggy Boarding Love Camp offers a wide range of dog day care services in Evanston IL, including dog day care, dog kennel, dog sitting, dog walking,  dog boarding and elderly dog care as well as a dog taxi in our specially developed dog friendly and safe vehicles.

by Marcie Encinitas on Doggy Boarding Love Camp

We can't thank you enough for taking care of our old little gals...they seemed so happy!!! Thank you for picking up the poops, watering the plants!! we... Read More

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Doggy Boarding Love Camp
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We believe dog sitting is the future of dog care in the Evanston, IL and are proud to pioneer a new approach for dog owners. Doggy Boarding Love Camp provides a fun, andOur dog day care center is a excellent place for boarding your dog in Evanston, IL. the safe environment for your dog to play, exercise, socialise and nap with other friendly dogs while you are not at home – helping to prevent anxious and destructive behaviour.

Social interaction and exercise are substantial to a dog’s well-being and in our spacious, custom projected facility there is endless fun to be had. But dog play is more than just fun! Our play group promotes healthy canine manners that are often dormant if your dog is left alone at home.

Whether it is for a few hours or the entire working day, never again will you have to leave your dog home alone. Instead, we will amuse and fuss over them until you are ready to collect a happy, tired dog that can not wait for his or her next visit to our dog day care center.

Some of the benefits include:We offer a structured and fun day – adjusted to the individual needs of each dog.

  • Relief from boredom and loneliness
  • Exercise, play and socialising with other dogs
  • Prevention of destructive behavior and anxiety
  • All-day supervision and training by professional staff

We offer a structured and fun day – adjusted to the individual needs of each dog. At Doggy Boarding Love Camp  we understand that peaceful canines have different needs to the mad mutts. Because we know all our dogs intimately we can make sure they receive just the right amount of fun, attention and training to give them a pleasant day.

 Our dog day care center is a excellent place for boarding your dog in Evanston, IL.Our dog kennel and dog boarding facility offers the finest quality services available for your dogs. We maintain the highest standards, codes, and procedures relating to health, safety, and cleanliness at our facility. Doggy Boarding Love Camp has completely remodeled and enlarged the facility. Our kennel are enclosed and climate controlled with heat and air conditioning through out. All kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily, and proper ventilation is maintained.

We provide “top-to-toe” beauty sessions for your dogs. Our utmost priority is to take a good dog day care of them while performing the beauty sessions. Every dog is treated with care and love. As a professional dog sitting provider, we are careful with my clients in every way. We try not to stress or scare the dogs and make the most for their adjustment from their We are professional Dog Day Care Center in Evanston IL.arrival to their departure. Before each session, we prepare them in a way that they feel safe and do not feel threatened. We insure they are relaxed and happy with me so that we can start the pet grooming sessions.

Our dog day care center is a excellent place for boarding your dog in Evanston, IL. Your dog will be cared for in a loving and professional manner and have a fun and safe place to stay. So while you are on vacation or business trip, let your pet go on their own vacation by taking them to Evanston ‘s leading Pet boarding and doggie daycare facility.

Call us on (773) 465-3743 now or complete the contact form, and we will help you with your dog.

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